Paso Robles Harvest Marathon – Volunteer Information

There will be a informational meeting on Saturday October 24th, 2014 at 5:00pm in room 503 at the high school.   Room 503 is located directly off the faculty parking lot right of the Performing Arts Center in the front of the high school.  ONLY the supervising adult for each team needs to be present to receive directions.  This meeting will only last 30 minutes maximum.

Below is information for each of aid stations and who is assigned to that aid station.  Click on the link to get your packet of information.  Please note the following:

1)All volunteers should be meet at Scientific Drilling on the corner of Buena Vista and Airport EXCEPT the Start/Finish Line volunteers who will meet at Le Vigne Winery.  Groups will then consolidate vehicles and head out to station at appropriate time.

2) VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!  There are times listed to meet and to leave Scientific Drilling.  It is important that you leave at the specified time without delay.  These times have been set up to minimize two things: the time you have to spend at your station but still get there on time and your ability to drive to your station without interfering with runners.  Leaving late could jeopardize both so please be diligent.

3) Each packet should contain information for your station, a map how to get from Scientific Drilling to your station, how to get back from your station to the youth correctional facility (note that it might be different then how you got there), and a diagram of how your station should be set up and how the runners will interact with your station.

Directions to Scientific Drilling

If you have questions or concerns contact Anthony Overton (

CLICK HERE TO READ GENERAL DIRECTIONS FIRST THEN Find your team below and click on your team to get your informational packet.  You will also be given a hard copy at the meeting on Saturday.

Aid Station Location Team
1 Tower/Airport Boy’s Aquatics
2 Tower/Jardine Girls’ Volleyball
3 Hog Caynon Wilshusen Family
4 Hog Caynon/Von Dollen Boys’ Tennis
5 Von Dollen/Ranchita Girls’ Golf
6 Pleasant Valley School Girls’ Basketball
7 Estrella/Airport Boys’ Basketball
8 Estrella Girl’s Aquatics
9 North River Girls’ Soccer
10 N. River/Wellsona Boys’ Soccer
11a Wellsona/Airport Baseball
11b Wellsona/Airport Baseball
12a Buena Vista/Airport Boys’ Volleyball
12b Buena Vista/Airport Softball
Finish Le Vigne Winery Cheer/Football


Course Monitors Team
A —–  ——
B Jardine/Estrella Cross Country
C Ranchita TA FM Girls’ Tennis
D Ranchita TA HM Cross Country
E Pleasant Valley Boys’ Golf
F Estrella/Airport Wrestling
G Estrella/N. River Cross Country
H Estrella/N. River Cross Country